Schematics Reveal iPhone 16 Design Resembling The iPhone 12 as Camera Sensors Switch From Diagonal to a Vertical Layout

Veloz Lamma

Schematics Reveal iPhone 16 Design Resembling The iPhone 12 as Camera Sensors Switch From Diagonal to a Vertical Layout

Apple is planning to bring a boatload of changes to the iPhone 16 lineup. While the ‘Pro’ models will be the highlight of the year, considering the number of improvements they will bring to the table, the iPhone 16 will launch with its own set of design changes. We are expecting a brand-new layout for the camera lens and potentially new sensors for enhanced video recording capabilities. The latest schematics of the iPhone 16 reveal what we should be looking forward to in terms of design.

Schematics reveal design details of the iPhone 16 with Action Button and a new camera layout

It was previously reported that the iPhone 16 could feature a design similar to that of the iPhone X or iPhone 12. While the general design language will remain the same, the camera layout is expected to switch from diagonal to vertical. What this means is that both camera sensors on the back would be aligned vertically. As you can see in the iPhone 16’s leaked schematics (via Majin Bu on X), the design is pretty similar to the iPhone 12 from the back.

The camera lens is aligned vertically with a mic in the camera plateau. It can be seen that the camera plateau protrudes quite a bit compared to the current models. It could potentially mean that the company is working to incorporate bigger sensors. However, these are early iPhone 16 schematics, and the final design could be different than what we are looking at right now. The rest of the design is pretty similar to the current models but with key differences.

On the back, you can also see the cutout for a flash. It was reported earlier that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus could come with a LiDAR scanner for spatial video recording. The LiDAR scanner is responsible for collecting depth details, and the feature is currently present on the latest iPhone 15 Pro models. The spatial videos can be recorded and viewed in the Vision Pro headset. We previously learned that spatial videos offer a more immersive experience in Apple’s recently announced headset. However, it remains to be seen if the comparatively cheaper iPhone models offer a LiDAR scanner this year.

On the front, you can see that the notch has been divided into two portions. However, this will not be the case as the company will fill the gap between the Face ID sensors and the front-facing camera. The bezels are more or less similar to the current version as well. On the side, we expect the iPhone 16 models to feature the Action Button, and the change is evident in the latest schematics. The dimensions of the device have been blurred out, so we have no information on the thickness of the iPhone 16.

Apple is planning to introduce the Capture Button on the iPhone 16 Pro models. It was previously reported that the new capacitive button will also be available on the non-Pro iPhone models. However, the schematics do not show the rumored capacitive button. Instead, the image shows a cutout for the mmWave antenna below the Side or Power button. We will update the information as soon as further details are available.

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