Sea of Thieves is Coming to PS5 in April with Full Crossplay Support

Veloz Lamma

Sea of Thieves is Coming to PS5 in April with Full Crossplay Support

Last week Microsoft provided an update on Xbox exclusivity plans, saying big games like Starfield won’t be going multiplatform, but that a series of four more established or lower-profile games were making the jump. While Phil Spencer wouldn’t say what they were at the time, we now know they’re Grounded, Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, and… Sea of Thieves!

Interestingly, this will be the first time a Rare-developed game has ever appeared on PlayStation – obviously, the company has a long history with Nintendo and Microsoft, but the nature of their first-party situation means making games for Sony platforms was never in the cards. Check out a developer video from Rare regarding Sea of Thieves setting sail onto new platforms, below.

Here’s a bit more on the PS5 version of Sea of Thieves from the game’s official blog…

“Ready to meet plenty more pirates on the seas? New crews will soon arrive seeking fortune and adventure as Sea of Thieves opens up to PlayStation 5 owners! Part of a broader Xbox initiative which we’re delighted to be involved in, this will bring countless fresh faces to our pirate playground and, thanks to cross play implementation, allow everyone on the seas to keep on sailing together now and well into the future.

As a studio we’re hugely excited about this opportunity, and ready to tackle the challenge of delivering content to a brand new audience. Millions of players have flocked to the Sea of Thieves over the last six years on Xbox and Steam, and it’s incredible to once again be in the position of welcoming an entire new community onto our shores.

What makes it even more of a landmark moment is that while Rare has made games for many consoles, computers and handhelds in its 40-year history, this will be the first time a Rare game has ever launched on a PlayStation platform. Join senior Sea of Thieves team members in the video below as they discuss their hopes for how this move will strengthen the game for all players!”

Sea of Thieves can currently be played on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game arrives on PS5 on April 30 and will be available to wishlist starting tomorrow (February 22).

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