Skull and Bones – How to Find and Beat the Kuharibu Sea Monster PvE World Event

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Skull and Bones – How to Find and Beat the Kuharibu Sea Monster PvE World Event

After many years of development and countless delays, Skull and Bones has finally arrived. One of the most challenging world events you’ll encounter is Kuharibu, a giant sea monster boss you’ll do battle with in the game’s western seas off the coast of Africa. This battle is not only a tough challenge, but it will reward you with specialized crafting materials and Monstrous Teeth, a very limited special currency used to purchase certain items. But how do you find Kuharibu and take him down? Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know in order to take down the big scaly beastie…

  • Step 1 – Head to the Lanitra Outpost on the northern tip of the Red Isle not far from the game’s starting pointg at Saint-Anne.
  • Step 2 – Talk to the Sea People Huntmaster there and accept the “From the Deep” side contract from them. This will spawn Kuharibu on the map in the Western Basin area northwest of Lanitra. Head there and give the scaly beast the business (I’d suggest your vessel be at least a level 6 or 7).

Note: You can replay the “From the Deep” contract ever day in real time if you want to farm Kuharibu for materials and Monstrous Teeth. In between the mission refreshing, you can also just sail around the Western Basin area and you might get reports of a “strange sighting” of Kuharibu – head to the target location to fight the monster again.

How to beat Kuharibu

It pays to come prepared – have lots of repair kits on hand and see if you can’t get some friends to team up with you for the fight, as Kuharibu is really meant to be a co-op challenge. This big beast doesn’t have the most complex strategy – basically, he just charges and tries to chomp you. When he surfaces, try to get some shots in, then maneuver out of the way of his attack or brace yourself. Rinse and repeat, and eventually he’ll go down.

Once you’ve defeated Kuharibu head back to the Sea People Huntmaster in Lanitra and you can trade in the “Kuharibu’s Eye” item for silver and the “Monstrous Tooth” currency for various exclusive items.

Skull and Bones can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s other Skull and Bones guides here.

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