Skull and Bones – How to Manage, Replenish, and Boost Your Stamina

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Skull and Bones – How to Manage, Replenish, and Boost Your Stamina

After many years of development and countless delays, Skull and Bones has finally arrived. One somewhat odd thing you’ll quickly realize when playing the game is that your ship has a stamina bar that determines how long you’re able to sail at top speed and whether you can brace against incoming attacks. Stamina can honestly be a bit frustrating, but there are ways to manage it, so it doesn’t have to be a big issue. Scroll on down for everything you need to know about stamina…

Manage your sails

In Skull and Bones, once you’ve raised your sails your can further “trim” them, in order to provide yourself an extra speed boost. It’s trimming your sails that consumes stamina, so try to trim your sails somewhat sparingly so you don’t completely consume your stamina. One thing to pay attention to is the direction of the wind, indicated by which way your sail is blowing. Sailing with the wind won’t reduce your stamina consumption, but it will boost your speed, so if you go with the wind you don’t necessarily have to trim your sails, saving you some stamina.

Eat grilled and cooked food

Even if you’re careful with your stamina, it’s still going to get low sometimes, which is where the food system comes in. Basically, eating food by pushing right on the d-pad will boost your stamina. The main thing you’re going to want to eat are various grilled meats and fish. You can acquire these ingredients by fishing, looting other ships, or by buying them from merchants, and then you do the grilling at various cooking stations found at every outpost in the game. Most simple grilled dishes will regenerate between 40 and 60 percent of your stamina bar.

If you want to get fancier, you can whip up various multi-ingredient cooked dishes. These typically won’t immediately boost your stamina, but will increase the rate at which you naturally regenerate it. Here’s a couple handle recipes for you…

  • Godrogodro – This one’s simple and its ingredients are very easy to find. You just need 1 coconut and 1 flour. The recipe is given to you earlier as part of the main campaign. It will boost stamina regen by 30 percent and reduce stamina consumption when trimming your sails by 30 percent.
  • Sate Kambing – Another fairly simple one, you just need 3 beef and 3 mutton. You can buy the recipe from the Hawker in the Telok Penjarah outpost. This particular dish will boost your stamina regen by 50 percent and reduces stamina consumption when trimming your sails by 30 percent.

Find Pirate Bonfires

In most outposts you’ll find a Pirate Bonfire. Activate it, and you’ll a time-limited 20-minute stamina boost.

Upgrade your ship

There are certain pieces of “furniture” you can add to your ship that will either boost your overall stamina or reduce your consumption. These include…

  • Sterile Galley – 7 percent increase to maximum stamina.
  • Leather Rope Grips – 15 percent reduction to stamina consumption when trimming sails.
  • Rum Pantry – 10 percent increase to stamina recovery.
  • War Drums – 50 percent reduction to stamina consumption while trimming sails in combat.
  • Water Tank – 50 percent reduction to stamina consumption when bracing in combat, and 20 percent increase in stamina recovery.

And there you are — a few tips for making stamina a bit less of a pain in the butt.

Skull and Bones can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s other Skull and Bones guides here.

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