Sydney Sweeney Jokes ‘You Definitely Did Not See Me in “Madame Web”‘ in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Monologue

Rexa Vella

Sydney Sweeney Jokes ‘You Definitely Did Not See Me in “Madame Web”‘ in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Monologue

During her hosting debut on “Saturday Night Live,” Sydney Sweeney revealed her early plan to break into Hollywood and joked about the rumors of a romance with co-star Glen Powell during her opening monologue.

“You might have seen me in ‘Anyone But You’ or ‘Euphoria,’” she said.  You definitely did not see me in ‘Madame Web,’” she joked. “But I do have a new film coming out called ‘Immaculate.’ I play a nun, so it’s perfect casting. But tonight, I’m excited for everyone to get to know the real me. I feel like people only see me as the girl on TV who screams, cries, and has sex. Sometimes it’s all three at the same time.” 

Describing her roots in Spokane, Wash., Sweeney demonstrated the presentation she used to demonstrate to her parents how she would break into Hollywood, with a chart reading “audition,” etc. The second chart was plan B if that didn’t work out, reading simply, “Boobs.”

She also teased that her fiancé was onsite as the camera panned to Glen Powell in the audience…then admitted she was kidding and her real fiancé was in the green room.

Sweeney was recently seen alongside Dakota Johnson in the superhero film “Madame Web” and starred alongside Powell in the romantic comedy “Anyone But You” — which has grossed $200 million worldwide. She is also known for her roles on “Euphoria” and “White Lotus,” earning Emmy nominations for both series.

Powell recently teased a potential reunion for him and Sweeney, telling Variety that they have been reading scripts together. “When you find somebody that you really jive with, Sydney is so easy to work with and so fun. We’re definitely trying to find the next thing,” Powell said.

Her new film “Immaculate” opens in theaters March 22. The psychological horror feature sees Sweeney star as a religious woman who moves to a haunted Italian convent and becomes miraculously, mysteriously pregnant.

Kacey Musgraves appeared as musical guest Saturday, marking the artist’s third appearance on the show.

Next week, Josh Brolin will host “SNL” for the third time, with Ariana Grande serving as musical guest in what will also be her third appearance on the show.

Other “SNL” Season 49 hosts have included Sweeney’s “Madame Web” co-star Johnson, Jacob Elordi, Emma Stone and Timothée Chalamet. Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Rodrigo and Ice Spice, among others, have performed as musical guests. In the second episode of the season, Bad Bunny tackled both hosting and musical guest duties.


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