The Sabyasachi x Estée Lauder collection has landed…

Rexa Vella

The Sabyasachi x Estée Lauder collection has landed…

SM: My brief was simple, cut through frills and trends, and create what is classic. My own brand is based in culture, heritage and in creating products that stand the test of time. I set out to create 10 lip colours that would cover every kind of classic beauty need. I’ve been a colourist for over 20 years now, and the city I live in, the various processes of dying textiles, the selection of gemstones as a jeweller and the women I’m most influenced by have all played a part in making this collection. So, Rekha’s berry pout can be glimpsed in Bombay Berry, Frida Kahlo in Pomelo Rose and the spirit of Calcutta in Calcutta Red. Completely diverse personalities, but 10 definitive colours. With these shades the mission was to attain a certain universality through iconic colours. So you can find and interpret your shade for yourself. For me, it has to be Calcutta Red. I will always be partial to the classic red lip. And red is such a core colour. It truly is the spirit of Calcutta, which is the very DNA of my brand.


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