The world’s most pampering spa hotels

Rexa Vella

The world’s most pampering spa hotels

The setting alone feels restorative: high in the Bavarian Alps, ringed by snow-dusted peaks and cloaked in dense forest. But while you can hike tree-lined trails or wild swim in nearby lakes, the real feel-good magic at Schloss Elmau comes with a day spent in the spa. Or should we say, spas: there’s not one, but a full six on site, each with its own draws from family-friendly pools to steamy hammams. Regular multi-night retreats, themed around the likes of weight loss, muscle strengthening or tai chi, let you zoom in on specific niggles, while a rich cultural calendar feeds the soul with live music concerts. Food is given as much respect as spa-ing, with more than a dozen dining spots to choose from, including two-Michelin-starred Luce D’Oro.


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