This AI Workstation PC Comes Equipped With An NVIDIA GPU & A NVIDIA CPU: Grace Hopper Superchip Starts At K

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This AI Workstation PC Comes Equipped With An NVIDIA GPU & A NVIDIA CPU: Grace Hopper Superchip Starts At $41K

Ever wanted a high-end workstation equipped with an NVIDIA GPU and NVIDIA CPU? Well, GPTshop has made it possible with its new line of workstation PC offerings which start at over $40,000 US as they come equipped with powerful Grace Hopper Superchip hardware.

NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip Comes With GPU & CPU Combo, First Workstation PCs Starting At $41,500 US For AI Enthusiasts

With the growing AI landscape, companies and PC manufacturers are coming up with unique products to attract customers. GPTShop has now announced its own PC workstation lineup which comes equipped with NVIDIA’s Superchip hardware, a combination of high-end H200 GPU and the Grace CPU. We talked about the Grace Hopper GH200 Superchip yesterday and covered the first benchmarks of this high-performance AI accelerator.

So far, the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip has only been available to servers, data centers, and cloud systems but certain manufacturers are now buying these accelerators and putting them inside pre-built workstation PCs.

GPTshop is offering four models of its Workstation PCs which include a GH200 576 GB variant, a GH200 624 GB variant, and two Special Edition variants of the previously mentioned models that feature “early bird” pricing. The models start at $41,500 US for the 576 GB and $48,500 for the 624 GB models.

Coming to the specifications, the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip comes with the H100 Tensor Core CPU and a 72-core NVIDIA Grace CPU. The 576 GB model comes with 480 GB of LPDDR5X memory for system RAM and 96 GB of HBM3 memory for the GPU. The 624 GB model comes with 480 GB of LPDDR5X for system RAM and 144 GB of HBM3 memory. Both models are equipped with 900 GB/s of NVLINK-C2C interconnects and have a TDP that can be adjusted from 450W to 1000W.


Talking about the system itself, the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips are housed within the InWin Dubili chassis with a gold aesthetic and come with two high-efficiency 2400W PSUs, 2 PCIe Gen4 M.2 slots on the mainboard, 2 PCIe Gen4 2.5″ drive slot, supports three FHFL PCIe Gen5 x16 add-in-cards and has a wide array of I/O which include 1 USB 3.0 port, 2 10 GbE ports, 1 MiniDP, 1 Micro USB port, all weighing in 30 kg.

The configuration panel lets you select additional hardware such as Networking cards, storage, GPUs, sound cards, etc but those do come at an extra cost. The prices at least match the MSRP since the RTX 4060 OC from ASUS is listed for the retail MSRP of $299 US.

To cool the whole thing, there’s a heatsink that comes equipped with a single Noctua NF-A15 PWM fan in a top-down configuration while the chassis itself is equipped with 8 Noctua fans. You can get the casing in the Titanium Silver colors too.

It is interesting to see such solutions show up as the AI demand is picking up and is showing no signs of stopping yet. We can also expect GPTshop to offer future Superchip configurations with the Grace superchip that offers up to 144 cores or the newly upgraded solutions with the H200 GPUs which will be released this year.

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