To defeat Putin, stop being boring, Yulia Navalnaya tells MEPs

Connie Queline

To defeat Putin, stop being boring, Yulia Navalnaya tells MEPs

Since her husband Alexei died on 16 February, Yulia Navalnaya has been unstoppable.

On the very same day his death was announced, she addressed the Munich Security Conference.

Days later, she attended a foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels, before flying to the US to meet President Joe Biden.

Today, she will speak to European MEPs.

All the while, she has been posting videos on social media, clearly sending the message she is picking up the baton for her husband, and positioning herself as a reference point for those who feel bereft at the loss of Alexei Navalny.

Navalnaya has appeared combative and determined. But during her public appearances her voice has also often been shaking with grief and fury.

Last week, she posted a photo on Instagram with her daughter, Daria, 23, who lives in the US, writing: “My sweet girl. I flew over to hug you and comfort you, and you’re the one comforting me. You are so strong, brave and resilient… It’s so good to have you here.”

It was a reminder that, away from the meeting rooms of Berlin, Washington and Brussels, Navalny’s death is also a personal tragedy for his family.


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