Trump wins Michigan, Missouri and Idaho nominations

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Trump wins Michigan, Missouri and Idaho nominations


Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination in three more US states.

The former US President comprehensively defeated his only challenger Nikki Haley in the Idaho, Missouri and Michigan caucuses.

Mr Trump’s victories mean he edges closer to becoming the party’s official candidate in the 2024 election.

He has now won 247 Republican delegates, according to the BBC’s US partner CBS news – overwhelmingly more than Nikki Haley’s 24.

Donald Trump’s popularity among Republican voters means he is almost certain to face Joe Biden in the US presidential election in November.

His victories come just days ahead of Super Tuesday: voters in 15 states will choose their preferred candidate for both parties on 5 March.

There are 854 Republican delegates at stake on Super Tuesday.

Delegates are people who represent their state or district at the respective party’s national convention, and decide who its presidential nominee will be.

On Saturday, Mr Trump won 39 delegates in Michigan, 54 in Missouri and 32 in Idaho.

His victory in the Michigan caucus – where he won all 13 districts – is especially significant, given its status as a battleground state that is key for either candidate to win the White House.

Caucuses and primaries are two ways that help political parties and US states pick their presidential nominees.

Caucuses are meetings run by political parties held in select locations, where attendees vote on their preferred candidate.

Unlike a caucus, voters in a primary can turn up to a polling station and vote in secret.

Some states – such as Michigan – have held both a Republican primary and a caucus, both of which were won by Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Michigan’s Democratic primary was in the news for a protest vote against President Biden.

While the president comfortably secured the Democratic nomination, over 100,000 people voted “uncommitted” – in what was seen as a clear message to Mr Biden over his stance on Israel’s war in Gaza.

That was roughly Mr Biden’s margin of victory in Michigan over Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election, which was key to his eventual victory.

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