Trump’s first criminal trial set to begin next month

Connie Queline

Trump’s first criminal trial set to begin next month

I’m now in the courtroom waiting for Donald Trump to arrive for his 09:30 ET hearing.

On 4 April 2023, I was in this same courtroom as Trump appeared for his historic arraignment in this case.

It was the first time a former president had been indicted, and the tension was appropriately high. Media organisations lined up overnight to make sure they got access to the proceedings.

Once in the courtroom, police and Secret Service hovered over us, watching our every move. We were not allowed to use any electronics, and nobody said a word. The room was stifling with tension – and I also remember wishing they’d turn down the heat.

This time around, the atmosphere is slightly more relaxed. We still went through heavy security to get here, but reporters are quietly chatting, we’re mercifully allowed to use our laptops, and police, while on their guard, are giving us a little more personal space.

The air conditioner is on, or at least, someone has tamed the radiators.

Trump has now appeared in court for his multiple trials numerous times, and authorities and press have figured out the drill. Seeing a former US president in court has now become somewhat routine.


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