UK-Based Firm Tulpur Unveils Its First Handheld Featuring Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs

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UK-Based Firm Tulpur Unveils Its First Handheld Featuring Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs have recently made headlines with their adoption in the handheld industry, as another firm joins the race to integrate the lineup.

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs Start to See Widespread Adoption In The Handheld Market, Competing With AMD’s Phoenix APUs

AMD’s “Phoenix” APUs, which have been seen as the go-to option for handheld manufacturers, might face strict competition since the debut of Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs has made this segment much more competitive. It is reported that Tulpar, a UK-based firm, has decided to utilize Intel’s Meteor-Lake CPUs with their first entrant in the handheld industry. Tulpar isn’t a renowned firm globally, but the company has made huge strides in the peripheral markets, especially in the UK.

Based on the images shared by Intel Gaming on X, Tuplar’s upcoming handheld features the standard industry design, with seemingly an 8-inch display, along with a joystick and D-pad input layout, which is a quite conventional route adopted by the firm. The handheld does feature subtle RGB touches on the joysticks, along with a black and green color scheme running around the device. Features such as display specifications and the onboard storage options haven’t been revealed yet, as it was more of a teaser.

Regarding the specific Intel Meteor Lake CPU selection, we are unaware of what Tuplar would equip the device with. However, based on the adoptions by the market we have seen up till now, Intel Core Ultra 7 155H and Core Ultra 7 125H could be potential candidates, but this isn’t official yet.

Team Blue’s Meteor Lake SKUs have been integrated into OneXPlayer’s X1, MSI’s Claw, and many more upcoming handhelds, which shows that the lineup will indeed give competition to its AMD counterpart, depending upon how things proceed in the future, especially in terms of the success of Intel’s Meteor Lake in this particular segment.

News Source: Videocardz

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